Snake avoidance training for dogs.

Simple, effective training to keep your dog safe, and save on vets' fees.

Our training is quick and effective.  We use a low–level correction collar to achieve this. This enables your dog to learn that close proximity to the interesting object (a snake) will be unpleasant and thus creates a negative association. This teaches the dog to make it’s own decision to avoid snakes and the unpleasant reaction in the future.

It is very important that we use real venomous snakes under strictly controlled situations as these are the dangerous species we want your dog to avoid.  Fortunately we are very good with both snakes and dogs and are fully licensed with Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) to deliver wildlife education

Trainer: David Manning works with a variety of wildlife and is a registered wildlife rehabilitator. David’s company Animal Ark used to train and supply a huge variety of dogs for film, television and photographic work in the UK. As a professional herpetologist David delivers DPaW endorsed venomous snake handling and awareness training to companies and individuals throughout WA.

“With my background in training and supplying animals for film and TV production the welfare and safety of animals is always our priority. All training of animals where possible should be reward based. However snakes are different and correction training is I think the best and most reliable method to teach avoidance of these potentially deadly reptiles. Correction training is widely used worldwide.” David Manning

Upon purchase you will be sent a training voucher. This can be redeemed when booking the session.

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Snake Avoidance Training for Dogs

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